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The Other Self

30” x 40” acrylic, oil & mixed media


Darkness and light greet one another through the looking glass. One cannot exist without the other so they must learn to co-exist. This piece represents the yin and yang of one’s self.


Angelo Sherman

Angelo Sherman





Oil, acrylic, pastel, mixed-media, ink


Angelo is a self-taught Detroit-based artist. While working at the Detroit Institute of Arts as a security guard, he spent his time observing, learning and creating renditions from the old masters that hung on the gallery walls. Angelo’s work is distinct in style, with textures and movement of various subject matter. 


Michelle Boggess-Nunley

Grosse Pointe Park




Oil, acrylic, maze art, digital, drawing, design


Michelle is the current Guinness World Record holder for the largest hand-drawn maze, specializing in creating some of the world's most complex maze puzzles. She’s an author-illustrator, avid art lover/instructor and runs a traveling art studio (On the Gogh Studio) that focuses in bringing the community together art. 


“We all have little quirks that make us unique.  Plant those quirks instead of suppressing them.  Water them.  Let them grow into big, beautiful, weird looking gardens for the world to see.”

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