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Artist's Hand


Come in. Sit down. Watch out for flying paint.

Here is where the creativity happens! Get a sneak peak into all of the unfinished paintings and paint splatters before they go into the gallery!

Abstract Texture
Progression of the latest painting
Evolution of a painting process__#artexpo #artexponewyork #boggessart #expressionism
Creative Process - Work in progressd
Sneak peak
Creative Process - Work in progress
Creative Process - Work in progress
New painting in the works
Layer 1
Work in Progress
Another progression of my elephant series paintings
Gracie & Lexie. These two cuties are the subject of my latest painting.jpg
Layer one.jpg
Because this lightbulb.jpg
Sneak peak of the latest painting!
Layer 1.jpg
New one in the works.jpg
Work in Progress
New projects
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