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Amanda Koss & Cassie Mathes

In the Clouds

Two 5" x 5" gallery wrapped canvases with acrylic and finished with mixed media drawing of a divided woman. The concept of this collaboration was to convey how technology disconnects us while being connected. Often, using social media is a way to disassociate from the moment the universe has provided around us, it numbs us and we "escape reality". This is why the woman is half on one piece and half on the other and presented with foliage. The base color and inspiration is to resemble clouds, representing how when using socials our heads are "in the clouds''. The foliage was added to represent where we need to be, our heads out of the clouds and on earth.


amanda Koss.jpeg

Amanda Koss

Macomb Twp.




Mixed media, Painting


This is Me. Never in my wildest dreams have I thought I would consider myself an abstract artist. It was always a dream that I shoved into the back of my mind and it was just that. One day, I decided to act on that dream and I made a total mess, but I learned a lot, and kept learning... Soon, like a butterfly, I evolved into the artist I am today!

I have a professional background in graphic design and worked in the field for about 10 years. I often combine my design knowledge into my pieces as well as getting tech involved


Cassandra Mathes





Digital, drawing


I love figure drawing and sketching but it seems I'm allergic to finishing a piece. I specialize in half-drawn characters. 

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