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Curse of the Nain Rouge:

The Legend of Detroit's Curse

There are many urban legends of hauntings throughout Michigan. Some tell of an ominous white ghost, others of mysterious dog-headed creatures. But none is quite as haunting as that of the curse placed on the city of Detroit by a small red devilish-looking creature . . .The Nain Rouge.
A short 1200 word story that tells the tale of Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, founder of Detroit, and a curse placed on the city by a small red devilish looking creature. Detroiter's call him The Nain Rouge. Based on encounters and sightings throughout history, it is said the creature appears before every disaster throughout the city's long list of misfortunes.
...The fortune-teller looked up at Cadillac. The corners of her lips pulled down, and a sense of sorrow filled her shadowy eyes.
“You have chosen the Nain Rouge. With this card comes a price that not only one shall pay but instead will be the price of many. You must appease the Rouge to show you are worthy, but if you offend him in any way, you and your people will forever reap the curse of tragedy and misfortune,” The fortune teller howled...

Curse of the Nain Rouge

This was a project I worked on as an entry for the Michigan Legends: Short Stories Series intended for the youth-fiction category.  I missed the deadline due to an untimely flood, as the story and illustrations remain in the first unedited draft. I decided to make it downloadable, for anyone who wants to read about one of my favorite Detroit legends, but please note that this version is unedited and the drawings unpolished. Enjoy! 

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