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close up dream farmer face.jpg

Dream Farmer

Steel, wood, fabric, paint 

5’ H x 2' W x 2' D


Art Inspiration:


Lauryn Hill was singing “ if I ruled the world” at the time. I thought, you know, Lauryn Hill might be a great ruler, but who would you actually want to rule the world. So, this dream farmer, this grandma figure, this feminine force came to me.


The dream farmer concept comes from my internal turmoil over the state-of-affairs of the world right now, and honestly the dream farmer is multicultural. She reaches across the entire lifespan of humankind, and she will always exist forever. She is the non-corrupt, the non-warmonger. She is the one who cares for everyone in the community. So, her job as a dream farmer is to help people find their dreams within them and grow the dreams like a farmer tends to his plants. They know all of the seasons, and they know how delicate they are. They know what they need. She is that person that tends to the dreams of the community, and she tends to the dreams of the children. She knows exactly what to do. She lives her days out farming dreams of everyone around her. 



Dione Tripp





Oil, acrylic, sculpture, charcoal/pencil, ink, woodcut plasters


Experienced Carpenter with a demonstrated history of working in the fine art industry. Skilled in Texture Painting, Design Thinking, Drawing, Woodworking, and Plastering. Strong operations professional with a Bachelor of Arts focused in Painting drawing sculpture from Spring Arbor University.


Kelly O'Neill





“I am exploring the manipulation of metal through the use of fabrication machinery: Specifically, the bending and cutting of metal to form a more fluid and unique sculpture. Each shape contributes to the final form. The exploration of the positive and negative space, the composition and three dimensional process results in something unique that usually surprises me. As well, I am exploring better integration of my ceramic and steel pieces: Building each piece with the other medium in mind.”

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