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Heather Quaine & Carley Klott


30" x 40", Canvas with acrylic paint and found objects, framed



Heather Mary Quaine





Acrylic Painting, Digital Art, Charcoal/Pencil, Ink/Markers


Heather is a self-taught artist that describes her style of work as “raw, random and heartfelt.” She enjoys the process of having fun with what she creates and has a passion for music, art, and social justice issues. Heather is a disabled artist with CMT1a, which is a progressive disease that brings on muscle loss and deterioration of her nerves and extremities. Creating art comes with its own set of challenges.


Heather is an inspirational artist and has learned to embrace her differences and artistic style, and all of its messy, random intuitiveness. 


“My hands are my strength in their weakness.” - Heather

Carley Klott.jpeg

Carley Klott

Grosse Pointe Park


Oil, acrylic, art therapy


Carley has been fascinated with the art process since a young age. Carley values the language of art and the art making process. Carley graduated from Rochester Adams High School, and played on local soccer clubs that gave her the opportunity to play at a collegiate level. Carley then attended Holy Cross College (HCC) on a soccer scholarship. During this time, Carley also learned how to incorporate spiritual relationships into her art making practice. Carley teamed with local South Bend, IN area high schools and created two student murals in 2016 and 2017. Carley graduated from HCC with a bachelors in Psychology and a minor in studio art with specialization in oil painting. Carley currently attends Wayne State University, and is in the Art Therapy and Clinical Mental Health Counseling dual graduate program. Carley’s current therapeutic orientation is a combination of Art Therapy Feminist Theory and DBT-Informed art therapy techniques. Carley is an intern at Fairsky MI, which offers art therapy services that also align with Carley's values of empowering the artist and treating every client with dignity and respect. Carley hopes to be involved in the Detroit community using art therapy to help the community grow stronger through creative art media

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