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Spy vs Spy

Maze artist Warren Stokes and I tackled the theme Purpose, and we each drew a panel that is 11” by 17”. My purpose starts with family and I illustrated a tree motif and wound the maze around it. We decided to draw six panels. I wanted to feature a couple of different maze styles. Although we have a lot in common, we thought it would be fun to lean into our differences by highlighting the Spy vs. Spy cartoon but subverted it by giving flowers instead of bombs.


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Jonathan Graf



Jonathan began making mazes when he was ten years old. Drawing helped him focus throughout school and college and into his career as an Independent Behavior Professional helping children and adults with developmental disabilities thrive in their communities. His mazes are featured weekly in the Keizertimes for the past five years, and they are found in local galleries, magazines, holiday and festival guides, business logos, and merchandise for businesses and start-ups.


Each dab, smear, wavy line, or other minor imperfection is a reminder the maze is hand-drawn using pencil, archival paper and inks. There is a warmth to analog and value in testing your wits with a puzzle maker working ways to stump even the best puzzle solvers. Get lost finding your way out.


-Jonathan Graf, Analog Mazes. Age 45, Oregon resident.

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Warren Stokes


“I consider myself a Griot. Known as an African storyteller I feel my purpose is to inform, educate, and speak out .. I'm a mazeologist or artist that creates  maze art with the purpose of visually inspiring the viewer to find a solution in their personal experience.


Life has presented challenges, provided inspiration and moments of desperation that sparked an array of talents and works I'm grateful to share with you. Drawings, paintings, written stories to educate or inform. I create maze "Brain Gym" games to entertain and challenge toddlers to seniors. I use my art to in many ways that I'm grateful to share with you.”

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