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Finding Hope in Turbulent Times

Mixed Media - acrylic paint on canvas, deconstructed and woven with acrylic and pen on paper, ribbon and fishing line

This piece speaks to the joy that can be found in spite of hard times. Strength comes from persistence, letting go of yesterday and coming through.


Karla Aren headshot.png

Karla Aren




Facebook: Karla.Aren


Pastels, Colored Pencil, Ink/Markers


Pandemic Trout was a series that got me back into an art practice, after years of not playing with sketches and pastel work. Each week I drew a new kind of trout. This exercise in art and nature brought joy to myself and others. What emerged was a review of the year, with Coronavirus Trout, Earth Day Trout, Easter Trout, Ruth Bader Ginsberg Trout, New Jersey Alien Trout, Pride Flag Trout, as well as many inspired by the trout in our nearby lakes.

Jackie Dooley headshot.jpeg

Jackie Dooley



Acrylic Painting, Ink/Markers

Creating art work is meditation, my emotional outlet. Started with crayons on the walls to actual canvases. I am still trying to find my voice, and it’s an amazing journey!

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