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Bird Boy.png


24” x 14’ x 12”

Metal, rope, paper, wire, buttons paint


Madeleine playfully described this art collaboration as a funky looking monster, created with various materials and styles. There’s an interesting combination of metal and paper present in this piece giving a distinct appearance and character. 



Kelly O'Neill





“I am exploring the manipulation of metal through the use of fabrication machinery: Specifically, the bending and cutting of metal to form a more fluid and unique sculpture. Each shape contributes to the final form. The exploration of the positive and negative space, the composition and three dimensional process results in something unique that usually surprises me. As well, I am exploring better integration of my ceramic and steel pieces: Building each piece with the other medium in mind.”


Madeleine Barkey

Pleasant Ridge




Printmaking, Drawing, Painting


I took to printmaking as a medium because I love ink, paper, and working with and around people. I haven't done many collaborations, but I am so inspired by the show currently at MOCAD titled Dual Images.

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