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Battle for the Planet

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Using a large acrylic display box rescued from the waste stream and 2 abandoned steel bases, we've created a dominoes table where people can make their own domino set ups to knock down the threats to our planet. Jason's amazing collection of 18 environmental heroes and villains are featured on an oversized domino tiles about the size of a cell phone. Visitors will be able to make scenarios to take down the villains and sequester carbon to save the world.

Jason Kimble's novel character development skills are paired with Laura Earle's passion for making furniture from reclaimed materials in this interactive dominoes table. Bringing awareness to climate change, this piece encourages gallery guests to explore the superheroes each of us can become in the "Battle for Planet Earth.” 


The size of the piece allows for socially distanced creative play, allowing room for folks to circulate freely around the piece as they engage with the experience. 


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Laura Earle

Farmington Hills



Oil, Watercolor, Sculpture, Ceramics/Pottery, Digital Art


My work explores interactivity – how the attitude and shape of an exhibit or an artwork sculpts our internal and external space. And how our internal space shapes our attitudes and actions. I make exhibits and artwork that invite people into a larger narrative, to consider pivot points. I’m interested in how art starts a conversation and becomes a catalyst for building community and shifting meaning. These sculpted conversations focus on social justice issues such as gender equality (Dear Womanhouse), racial equality (Unraveling Racism: Seeing White) and reversing global warming (Drawdown).

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Jason Kimble



Oil, acrylic, watercolor, sculpture, digital art, colored pencil, ink, airbrush and animation


Jason is an Award winning tattoo artist specializing in custom, one of a kind color illustrative work. An accomplished Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy artist, comic book, graphic illustrator, Painter and family man

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