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Martina Sanroman & Kyle Sharkey

Obscure Nature

26”x 29” mixed media & acrylic on canvas


Obscured Nature, is a piece which explores the complex relationship between industrialized space and the natural. The appreciation of the industrial and the natural create a  dissonant experience for people. Both have aesthetic qualities yet the expansion of one means the death of the other. 


Martina Sanroman.jpeg

Martina Sanroman




Facebook: ispymartina


Oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastels, colored pencil, 

I am self taught and always learning. I've mostly been expressing my own experiences but trying to branch out and tell stories other than my own. A picture is worth a thousand words and I'm trying to learn how to use that power within my own works.


Kyle Sharkey





Oil painting, charcoal, pencil


I am a Detroit based artist who is a current faculty member at CCS, WSU, and HFC. My body of work is an ongoing investigation of culture and experience through the practice of Skepticism. My intention is to create a visual lexicon to redirect attention from unevidenced claims toward ideas that are evidenced to be beneficial. Combining image making with Skepticism uncovers the root causes of why certain beliefs, perceptions, and biases are held. Particularly when claims are farfetched or that violate physical laws of reality that obstruct the search for as many true things and as few false things as possible.

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