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Pam Viviano & Al Standridge


Pamela Viviano.jpg

Pamela Viviano





Watercolor Painting, Photography, Pastels, Charcoal/Pencil, Ink/Markers


AA Detroit native who lived 23 years in Louisiana, Pam studied drawing and printmaking with an emphasis on portraiture at Michigan State University. Her interests lie in exploring living things through drawing, printmaking, and mixed media. Pam also has a Masters degree in counseling psychology from Louisiana State University where she studied nature’s effect on attention. 


Pam’s professional work in recreational and educational program directing for children reflects her dedication to community, cooperation, and collaboration.

Al Standridge.jpeg

Al Standridge

St. Clair Shores




Acrylic Painting, Sculpture


I consider myself to be Intuitive: I create, learn and repeat. Experimental, exploratory, self-described trial and error


I studied automotive paint and custom graphics at Baker College in 2014, with the goal of doing automotive painting but with the flexibility of using spray paints and image transfer. I have continued studying on my own, researching the techniques of  multi-layer hand-cut stencils, resin art, and acrylic painting. Each summer and winter I  try to learn a new medium and see where that leads: this past Summer 2021 it was plaster casting and mold-making from silicone to prepare for resin casting in the coming year. I also did a three-day workshop on free-hand realism at Coast AirBrush, a supplier for automotive art professionals, in Anaheim, CA. My end goal is to be doing something in the custom automotive paint world but also have the freedom to go from print or sculpture all the way to screen printing.

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