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20” x 30”

Drawing on our diversity, collaboration forges our strength… in art and in life! Embracing and celebrating our differences; collaboration inspires creativity and drives innovation.


Pat tapper.jpeg

Pat Tapper

Grosse Pointe Farms


Experimental, ink, watercolor, photography


I was a graphic artist by profession for 25 years, now retired.


Photography is my passion but I have a love for all mediums of art.

2022-Jamie Feldman.jpeg

Jamie Feldman





The visual arts are a lifelong pursuit for Jamie Feldman that included various media. Right brain and left brain attributes have always worked conjunctively to provide control of the media to create a viable perspective on life and the environment. A remarkably diverse background in art, technology, and science proves especially advantageous. 


Much of his formal art training was at the Interlochen Arts Camp over several years and the Society for Arts and Crafts that became the Center and then the College for Creative Studies. Yet, his dental, surgery training, and a Teaching Fellowship also played important roles. Dr. Feldman credits his knowledge of psychology and the physiology of human vision as significant in creating his visual art.    


Currently, Jamie is a digital photographer, teacher and fine art creator. Even with extensive training and experience in film, his digital photography is largely dictated by his research in medical imaging, MRIs and CAT scans. Unlike the chemical reaction in film, creating a digital image involves collecting data and interpreting that information with software to produce a final image. Mastering the particular capabilities of the camera, lenses, and software allows for a unique perspective, meticulous exposure, effective composition, and giving the viewer visual cues to define the story.

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