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Patricia Deere & Took Gallagher

Looking | Listening

27.25 x 30.25” Collage and Glass


Took Gallagher Headshot2.png

Patricia Deere




Fused Glass


“Working with other artists and community members brings so much to a project.  It brings awareness of the cause, it brings out the giving spirit of those who help, and it brings beauty and a reminder of all who helped to make it better, whatever ”it” might be that you are working towards.”

Took headshot with Humphrey.jpg

Took Gallagher



Collage, mixed-media


Took Gallagher is a 68-year-old self taught artist who creates creatures in plaster cloth, mixed media collage, and hand sewn mixed media textiles.  Took draws her inspiration from song lyrics, fairy tales, dreams, and misheard snippets of passing conversations.


Took currently lives and works in Willis, MI with her two feline companions.

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