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Patricia Joy & Angelo Sherman

Celestial Rest Stop

Oil on canvas

54” x 24” 

An intriguing artwork, which consists of three panels joined together that interpret the artists duel vision of a "far off cosmic pit stop for gods, aliens and anyone with a flying machine that can go that far into the galaxies."


Patricia Joy headshot.jpg

Patricia Joy

Grosse Pointe Park


Oil, Acrylic




“After getting a college degree in Interdisciplinary Anthropology, thinking I wanted to join the army, and then holding a myriad of corporate jobs, I have found myself back to my favorite thing I have learned over the years and I am excited to share it”

Angelo Sherman





Oil, acrylic, pastel, mixed-media, ink


Angelo is a self-taught Detroit-based artist. While working at the Detroit Institute of Arts as a security guard, he spent his time observing, learning and creating renditions from the old masters that hung on the gallery walls. Angelo’s work is distinct in style, with textures and movement of various subject matter. 

Angelo Sherman
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