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Michelle Boggess Nunley

Dear Viewer,


Welcome to my portfolio.  Enclosed you will find my thoughts,  happiness, hardships, love, my obsession with maze puzzles and everything in between told through a sequence of paintings, illustrations and mazes.  


Art is one of the few languages that can be understood and shared by people from all over the world,  bringing people together through the perspectives of artists from every walk of life, culture and background.  We are all part of the bigger picture, each a piece to the puzzle.  


Thank you for taking the time to visit,  I hope you will find something that speaks to you through my work,  all my very best,

Michelle Boggess

Artist Biography
Detroit, MI USA

Current Guinness World Record Holder:
World's Largest Hand-Drawn Maze


Michelle Boggess-Nunley is an international artist, illustrator and maze maker from Detroit, Michigan. She's the current Guinness World Record holder for the Largest Hand-Drawn Maze and specializes in creating some of the world's most complex maze puzzles. Her artwork has been displayed at exhibitions such as Art Revolution Taiwan 2020, A.R.T. Taipei 2021 and ArtExpo NY 2018. She's designed mazes and illustrations for LA comedian Zach Sherwin's upcoming 'Crossword Show', New York Times bestselling author AJ Jacobs upcoming book ‘The Puzzler’ and most recently completed a 17 foot maze mural, which features the words Unity and Love in languages from all over the globe. 


Michelle is the creator of  'Wizard World: The Magical Land of  Illustrated Mazes’ series, and is the author-illustrator of several maze and children's books. Her most recent project is a maze book titled ‘All the paths we dare to take’, which will bring its solvers on a mind bending journey through historical sites, world wonders and international landmarks in the form of a maze. The artist plans to unveil this project idea at ArtPrize 2021 in the heart of Grand Rapids, MI this fall with a 12 ft long maze.

"We all have little quirks that make us unique.  Plant those quirks instead of suppressing them.  Water them.  Let them grow into big, beautiful, weird looking gardens for the world to see..."

Boggess Art, LLC 





On The Gogh Studio

Owner/Art Instructor


Social Platforms:





Wizard World Illustrated Mazes 1



Wizard World Illustrated Mazes 2



I am a Lenny




-Collaborative Artist



-Collaborative Artist




Farmington Hill Public Art Program


Grosse Pointe Artist Association

-Board Member


Tangent Gallery

-Original Artwork


Posterity Gallery

-Represented Artist

Press, Media & Projects


05/2022 - The Finer Pointes Finalist - Grosse Pointe, MI

03/2022 - Out of the Darkness - Detroit, MI

08/2022 - A.R.T. Taiwan/International Artist/Taiwan, CN

04/2020 - Art Revolution Taipei 2021/International Artist/Taiwan, CN

11/2020 - Ford Piquette Plant Art Show/Detroit, MI
10/2020 - Soul Searching/Grosse Pointe Artist Assoc./Detroit, MI

05/2020 - Art Revolution Taipei/International Artist/Taiwan, CN

01/2020 - Mind. Heart/Grosse Pointe War Memorial Exhibiton/Grosse Pointe, MI

12/2019-01/2020 - Boll Family YMCA Gallery/Featured Artist/Solo/Detroit, MI

10/2019 - A personal Journey/Grosse Pointe Artist Association/Detroit, MI

09/2019 - Macomb County Warming Center Fundraiser/Featured Artist/Solo/MI

04/2021 - Detroit: A City From All Angles/Detroit, MI

03/2019 - TIME/Jackson Junge Gallery/Chicago, IL

02/2019 - Zipcode/Leamington Art Center/Ontario, Canada

11/2018 - 105th Gold Metal Exhibition/Scarab Club/Detroit, MI

11/2018 - Gables Art Gallery/Troy, MI

09/2018 - Dreamers/Featured Artist/Solo/Boll Family YMCA Gallery

06/2018 - Art on the Grand/Farmington, MI

04/2018 - Art Expo New York/Pier 94/Expo Solo

03/2018 - Women's Show/Carr Center Gallery/Detroit, MI


The Crossword Show 

Maze Design & Illustration

Live comedy show hosted by Zach Sherwin (“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” “Epic Rap Battles of History”) in which a panel of guest comedians solves an actual crossword puzzle live onstage in front of an audience

The Puzzler by AJ Jacobs

Path to Giza Maze

A book by four-time New York Times bestselling author, AJ Jacobs: One man's quest to solve the most baffling puzzles, ever, from crosswords to jigsaws to the meaning of life.

Art Prize2021

Participating Artist/The BOB/Grand Rapids, MI

An 18-day celebration of creativity, connection, and community in the heart of Downtown Grand Rapids, where artists participate from all over the world for a one-of-a-kind art experience.

Unity Mural Project


A 17 Foot mural featuring words relating to LOVE and UNITY in all different languages from around the world.

Art Collab Project


A group of 2-person collaboration teams that specialize in various mediums and skills, randomly paired together to create works of art.

I am a Lenny: A children's book that celebrates differences


Wizard World Illustrated Mazes: Book One

Publisher: Ethan Ellenberg Literacy 


Wizard World Illustrated Mazes: Book Two

Publisher: Ethan Ellenberg Literacy 


Christmas Critters Activity Book:



Maze 2020: book by Matthew Haussler

Participating Maze Collaborative Book that includes 4 Guinness World Record holders and maze artists from all over the world

Maze 2021: book by Matthew Haussler

Participating Maze Collaborative Book that includes 4 Guinness World Record holders and maze artists from all over the world

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Books & Illustrations
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