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Laura Test & Ryan El-Yafouri - Paradigms - landscape.jpg


Bronze with decoupage on granite base

Our primary goal is to communicate the synergies and contrasts between the ethos of two art cultures.

There are two bronze figures. One bronze is the canvas for the contemporary message. Messages of determination and creativity adorn the figure’s curves. The other bronze serves as the mirror with its simple nakedness. Together with their different skins but repeated forms, the pair embodies the beliefs and aspirations today’s diverse art cosmos.


TESTE Laura Head shot only.jpg

Laura Teste





Oil Painting, Sculpture


Laura is an American artist who is best known for her bronze figurative sculptures. Following the lost wax method,  Laura creates and casts her sculptures of lithesome female forms, which embody grace and motion. Her interpretation of blooming fabric and taught muscles give levity to a robust medium. 


Raised in a small town in Ohio where ordinary people pursued the extraordinary with neighbors who walked on the moon and collected nominations for Academy Awards, Laura’s own expectations were high. She paired her early aptitude for art & mechanics to earn degrees in both design and engineering from Stanford University in California.


Laura’s sculptures are regularly featured in juried expositions including being selected by the Gerald R. Ford Museum for the ArtPrize Exhibition 2021.  Her sponsored solo shows VIM & VIGOR were hosted by multiple venues including the Arthur Secunda Museum of Michigan.

20200520_152140-1-226x300 (1).jpeg

Ryan El-Yafouri

Macomb Twp.




Acrylic Painting, Pastels, Colored Pencil, Ink


Ryan El-Yafouri is an independent creative focused in illustration and design. He draws heavily on his multicultural upbringing in Metro-Detroit to voice his perspective. Skateboarding, hip-hop and cartoons are the bedrock of his design influence. Ryan has partnered with commercial clients like Moosejaw, Detroit Foundation Hotel, Renzo Cardoni, Raw Detroit and Detroit Hives. In 2019 he worked directly with Vans Shoes to produce an event and create collaborative merchandise for “Brainard Social Sightings.

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