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Sanda Cook & Vikas Relan


Acrylic / Spray / Oil

48” x 36”

Love prevails is the focus of this collaboration. We think it spurs hope with the various areas of focus created. Each section has its own unique story. We came to an agreement as we were crafting the title, and together came up with “Hopeful!"


Sanda Cook.jpeg

Sanda Cook




Oil, acrylic, watercolor 


Worlds collide each time Sanda’s brush touches canvas. Hailed as one of the most prolific painters in Metro Detroit, her work is both locally and internationally renowned. This is only fitting seeing how it’s this wonderful world that inspires her. Romanian-born, she studied art at the Brasor School of Arts. Sanda’s art serves as a window into her journeys through Europe, Japan, and the United States. Love and beauty are abstract concepts that become realized through the color and light Sanda Cook paintes them. Multicultural, metaphysical, and spiritual, her art is visually spellbinding and emotionally captivating.

Mr Relan - cardi.jpg

Vikas Relan

Grosse Pointe Park


Acrylic painting, spray paint


Specializing in landscape, abstract and pop art,  Vikas has a knack for creating art outside of the box by incorporating and repurposing household items, such as bubble wrap, bottle caps, and other things that might have otherwise been thrown away.


After taking a long break from painting, Vikas finally picked up a spray can again and explained that he could really feel the therapy provided in that creative moment

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