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Sasha Corder & Trae Isaac

Paradigm of Polarity

Mixed Media- Aerosol, acrylic, resin, 3D printing/ UV filaments, holographic vinyl on Canvas • 60” x 48”


This piece embodies the conflict artists face day to day to juggle all the responsibilities of day to day life and the desire to just keep creating whenever possible. The layered shells of faces breaking, stretching, and contorting represents the many faces we wear as artists, commercially, personally, professionally, and the more intimate representation of self reflection. It hones in on the constant fight between the outer ego and the inner most vital force that makes us who we are as artists. The hands to me symbolize the stability that we have in family, friends, and supportive networks we surround ourselves with that help hold us steady in conviction and intentions. We used UV and holographic materials in this piece to represent the constant change we face moving to and from environments and how that also interacts (or interferes) with our art.


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Sasha Corder

Lincoln Park



With a mixture of being self taught in many mediums and having a formal education from College for Creative Studies Sasha blends soft natural palettes with sharp masculine or feminine imagery to induce feelings of opposition or contrast. She tries to show the relationship of man and woman with the natural environment, and humans' innate need to affiliate with other life such as plants and animals. Stretching the binding of where human nature and the physical universe meet, highlighting that these forces are not just opposites; they are complementary.

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Trae Isaac




“My name is Traeron "Trae lsAAc" Vawters, Fine Artist and Creative Director of 15-years. I am driven by a genuine passion for manifesting awe ­inspiring and psychologically empowering pieces of art. Based on my life as a person who has had to find power through loss and peace through discomfort. Primarily raised by my grandparents, losing my youngest brother and mother to cancer in my mid-teens were and still is the primary fuel to the fire that I use to push myself to create and provide for my family through art. What inspires my psyche is a need to do and be greater for myself and those around me who I in-turn inspire and motivate. My artistic expression utilizes the aesthetics and cultures of ancient Egypt, India, and Japan. I take those inspirations and combine them with the philosophies I've learned and developed, to create the images I do to this day.”

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