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Sunshine Durant & Linda Yellin

Pheasant of Hope

The art work is based on the Chene-Ferry Market and features the Detroit Pheasant. The Chene-Ferry open air market has become reminder of the past with the structure decaying and being reclaimed by nature. When we abandoned our buildings, it isn’t long before vegetation colonizes what we have left behind. A smashed window or a collapsed roof is all it takes, a small opening for plant-life to enter and take root. The most beautiful of all abandoned places are ones that are being reclaimed by nature.



Sunshine Durant



Oil painting, acrylic painting


Sunshine’s work is mostly figurative and features feminine images tackling subjects as varied as gender and unattainable longing. Yet every image, suggests a far more complex and paradoxical reality behind the surface. My artwork borders realms of feminism and social activism that is heavily influenced by personal experiences and social practices in community outreach.

linda yellin head.jpg

Linda Yellin



Acrylic painting, acrylic ink


Using acrylic paint and acrylic ink, Linda enjoys the creative and therapeutic  benefits that abstract  painting allows.. . Over the years, Linda has taken a few metal and ceramic classes, but not yet any painting classes. She is looking forward to learning new techniques beyond  finger painting, splashing  and dripping "skills". 


Linda has a studio in the Lafayette Park Detroit neighborhood. She finds inspiration, energy and motivation from her granddaughter (who is also an artist)  enjoys  exploring Detroit art, architecture and public murals, nature,  listening to Motown music and  from Detroit  Jazz artists  such  as  Marcus Belgrave, Ralphe Armstrong, Gaylynn McKenny, Dennis Coffee, DJ Holiday, Bill Myers, Luis Resto and Dave McMurray.  She also enjoys taking her easel and paint supplies to Historic eastern market, doing some demos and especially encourages kids to let loose and be creative.


Linda is a retired clinical social worker. She founded "Feet On The Street Tours in 2007  that promotes cultural tourism  exploring Detroit's art, architecture, fun, food, music, history, unique neighborhoods

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