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Art Collab Project entrees are now open until 8-15-2021

Creativity. Community. Collaboration.

The Art Collab Project was created to help connect artists working in different mediums to create a unifying collaboration piece. The idea is to help get to know other artists and build connections in our community and inspire each other to try something new. Artists are paired randomly to make the experience fun. Think of it as a mystery vending machine, just for artists! You might be a sculptor paired with a photographer, or an oil painter paired with a print maker. The most important part of this experience is to have fun, use your imagination and get to know another creator in your community! 
A digital book will be made and given to all participants. Artists retain the rights to their work and teams will have the opportunity to share their experiences. 
Introductory emails go out August 2021
Open to all emerging and established artists who reside in the Detroit/Metro-Detroit Area over the age of 18.


**The rules are simple but are key to making this a success**



Artists fill out the participation form, along with a few sample images (the info provided will be used to send out initial introduction emails) Names will be paired at random, based on experience level (when applicable). 


Artist's will introduce themselves to their new collab partner using the contact info each person provides in their application.


Artist teams may chose to come up with an artist alter ego. For example, a Picasso and Van Gogh may have called themselves VanCasso or Picogh. Once a name is decided on, each team must check in. (A check-in form will be emailed after collab drawings are made)


It's each artist's responsibility to collaborate with their partner by the method of their choosing (phone, email, telepathically, in-person, etc) to create a plan and execute their Art Collab. Teams will have 4 weeks to complete and submit after team check-in. More time may be granted for bigger projects, if needed.


Artists may choose to create any artwork that's agreeable. This can be done digitally, by mail or in-person, depending on what the team agrees on or the proximity of each artists location. The ways an artwork can be executed is limitless but the idea is to get out of your comfort zone and have fun. 


Teams will get a chance to talk about their collaboration and share their work. Digital books will be available Fall of 2021.

Updates will be emailed as the Art Collab Project develops and grows. Tell a friend!

This is a free even to participate. Complimentary digital books provided by Boggess Art.

Join the movement!

Fill out the application below to participate in the 2021 Art Collab Project. Please answer all questions honestly to ensure you are paired up well and everyone is comfortable. These answers will be provided to your callab partner in your introductory email. Most importantly, have fun and happy creating! 

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Artists have 48 hours to respond to the introductory email before a new artist is drawn.

If at any time an artist stops responding or doesn't follow through with the collaboration after the introduction is made, a new artist can be assigned if enough time is allowed and unresponsive artist will be disqualified from future use of the Art Collab Project for 6 months without good cause.

The Art Collab Project and Boggess Art does not represent any of the artists that participate in the Art Collab Project. Although we try to ensure everyone who is involved is a real person/artist, it is ultimately up to the participants to communicate and decide if an effective collaboration can be made.

Artists will be notified by email once a collab draw is made. It is up to the artists to communicate from that point on to create their artwork. Email notifications will be sent out with updates on the event, such as deadlines, project news and developments.

If an Art Collab team missed their deadline without requesting an extension, their project may be disqualified from digital book and/or exhibition.

The Art Collab Project is open to all emerging and established artists that are 18 and up and reside in Southeast Michigan.


Even though the Art Collab Project is intended for adult artists, it will be viewed by people of all ages. We request that all artwork is created with this is mind. In other words, keep it classy, folks.

Thanks for submitting! An email has been send to the organizer and you'll now be notified by email regarding Art Collab Project updates. 
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