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The PATH to UNITY Mural Project

What does the word 'UNITY' mean to you? Why is it important? 

Situated on a nearly 18 x 9 foot wall space of ALMA Kitchen on Mack Ave. in Grosse Pointe Park is a  3-D 'maze' mural which features many of our local landmarks and city roads between Grosse Pointe Park and Downtown Detroit. Starting at Alma Kitchen and ending at the Renaissance Center, where 'UNITY' is the finish line. The maze features words such as unity,  peace, love, and equality in different languages from around the world and symbolizes the path we need to take to reach unity for all.

Gary Mui, one of the owners of Alma's, had a vision of what he wanted the mural to represent and  turned to Guinness World Record maze artist and Grosse Pointe Park resident, Michelle Boggess-Nunley, who accepted the project. 

"This project is much bigger than ALMA's, it's for all of us."  -Gary Mui

Inside of the mural are hidden images, each representing a challenge that took place during the creation of the maze. Rumor has it that if you can find all of the images, you might be lucky enough to be rewarded with something delicious!

1 water pump

The water pump failure of June 2021 left thousands of locals flooded, including Alma's. 

1 fish fly

The mural was created during peak fish fly season. Wet paint and fish flies presented quite a challenge.

3 Monarch butterflies

2021 Monarch migration extended into the midwest early June and lasted into mid October.

Alma Mural.JPG
June 2021
Michelle Boggess-Nunley working on a UNITY mural
  Michelle Boggess-Nunley, Grosse Pointe Park Artist, in the process of painting the UNITY mural on the wall of Alma Kitchen.  
June 2021
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