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Valarie St. John & Studio IT

Water is Life

24” x 36” Fabric & mixed media

The flowing river of recycled denim and other fabrics runs into a barrier. Once the flow of clean water is disrupted, the landscape is laid to waste, and none of the beautiful flowers or lively fish can survive on the right side of the piece. 


The denim and other base fabrics for this piece were all remnants from other projects, in keeping with the eco-conscious theme.


Valarie St. John.jpeg

Valarie St. John

Grosse Pointe Park




Fiber art (embroidery, crochet, knitting, quilting)


Valarie is a Metro Detroit-based artist with a special hand and talent for her work with various fabrics and materials. From urban cross-stitching, crocheting and needlework, her unique style shines through in all of her creations. From clothing to rugs and decorative pieces, Valarie’s art encompasses her passion for her work.

Irina-studio IT.jpg

Studio IT (Irina Tsuker)





Felting, wool & silk


Nuno felting is a design technique created in 1992. The name is derived from the Japanese word “nuno” meaning cloth. The technique bonds loose fiber, such as wool, into a sheer fabric such as silk gauze, creating a gorgeous felt that is thin and lightweight.


Detroit fashion designer, Irina Tsuker uses the Nuno felting technique to create some of the most beautiful, lightweight garments we have ever seen. A passion for fashion designing and a lot of patience, Tsuker’s designs stand out specifically for the fashion lover who loves quality.

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