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Diametric Fallacy

Diametric Fallacy represents the choice we all have as human beings. It is an interactive piece to catalyze the conversation of the power of perspective and choice. What do we choose to focus on? How do we choose to think and behave? These choices create the reality in which we all share and they have consequences. The power is within each person. This piece is a collaboration with the two artists along with the viewers. We are all in this together. The artists represent two seemingly opposed ideas or energies: love and fear. Each artist did it in their own stylistic manner in hopes to have the viewer react accordingly.

Diametric Fallacy is a new phrase coined due to an assumption made that you are taking the diametrically opposed view simply because you disagree with a position. The dichotomy between the two towers represents the innate polar thoughts of this two-artist collaboration, which then bleeds down their respective columns into the base collage, mixes with the differing viewpoints, then up the other. It isn’t simply a good vs. evil representation, rather, opposing forces that make up a balance, create a harmony, fix a dilemma, or to create one. One cannot exist without the other.


Wendy 2021 1.jpg

Wendy Fournier

St. Clair Shores


Oil, acrylic, watercolor painting

Combining her research and passion of art, religion and science into a body of work that explores spiritual and philosophical questions. Similar to Surrealist Artists whom pushed the boundaries or reality of their art by exploring the limits of our psychology, she pushes the spectrum of her art to portray relationships with spirituality by using consciousness, and spiritual practices. Specializing in bringing the sacredness back to art, she has the ability to connect and communicate to unseen forces and makes them visible in her work. She establishes patterns in the physical world to that of the spiritual, philosophical, and scientific worlds.  She pushes the limits of what art can do, transcending the viewer into an emotional and spiritual connection. Her art not only stimulates the senses but offers teachings with its inspiring symbolism and rhetoric.impressionism and action painting.

Screen Shot 2022-01-26 at 2.24.05 PM.png

Luke MacGilvray



acrylic painting, sculpture

Painter and engineer. Cofounder of Atomic Cafe in Hamtramck. His extensive painting portfolio is inspired by the elongated human form, rich colors, and subject matter which will disturb and intrigue you. He describes his work as “Flitting examples of mass hysteria compacted into dog food can distribution, echoing inside an empty skull. Falling. Blackness. Screaming. Leathern blood, mixed liberally with heat and smoke. Gray mysteries swirling around my hands and face, sneaking off somewhere into the darkness, bubbling and murmuring, putting the world at a slight slant to reality.” We invite you to experience his artistic madness for yourself.

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•Art Collab Book for portfolio (dragged).png

Two Pilars

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