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Michelle Boggess Nunley

Atlas Obscura Article

How a Master Maze Maker Gets You Lost

Maze from AJ Jacobs book "The Puzzler"

The 'Path to Giza' maze featured in 'The Puzzler'

Excerpt of chapter here


Owner • Artist

Posterity Gallery 17005 Kercheval Grosse Pointe, MI 48230

The Finer Pointes Art Exhibition Finalist

Breaking the World Record

Learn about the doodles within the 1,126sq ft maze, find blog about what it was like trying to obtain a Guinness title, and see a list of supporters.

the Art Collab Project Book

Own a table-top edition of the Art Collab Project

The UNITY Mural Project

See it at ALMA Kitchen in Grosse Pointe Part, MI

Art Revolution Taipei  2022

One of 334 artist finalist from 82 countries to exhibit work at the revolutionary A.R.T. in Taiwan.



A list of book with links by the artist