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Michelle Boggess Nunley

The Art Collab Project

Submissions now open! 6-week exhibition and Grand opening of Padzieski Gallery In Dearborn this February, 2022.  


Excited to announce my partnership with The B.O.B. in Grand Rapids


The UNITY Mural Project

Now Complete. See it at ALMA Kitchen in Grosse Pointe Part, MI

Art Revolution Taipei  2021/2022

One of 334 artist finalist from 82 countries to exhibit work at the revolutionary A.R.T. in Taiwan.

Breaking the World Record

Learn about the doodles within the 1,126sq ft maze, find blog about what it was like trying to obtain a Guinness title, and see a list of supporters.



A list of book with links by the artist

Boggess Art NFT Gallery

Blockchain & Crypto Artwork

Original paintings can be found at one of these local galleries:

Tangent Gallery 

715 E Milwaukee St. Detroit MI 48202

Posterity Gallery 

17005 Kercheval, Grosse Pointe, MI

Wizard World Book

Wizard World Maze Books Now Available!

Michelle Boggess-Nunley
Artist Michelle Boggess

Michelle Boggess-Nunley

Michelle Boggess-Nunley is an international artist, illustrator and maze maker from Detroit, Michigan. She's the current Guinness World Record holder for the Largest Hand-Drawn Maze and specializes in creating some of the world's most complex maze puzzles. Her artwork has been displayed at exhibitions such as Art Revolution Taiwan 2020, A.R.T. Taipei 2021 and ArtExpo NY 2018. She's designed mazes and illustrations for LA comedian Zach Sherwin's upcoming 'Crossword Show', New York Times bestselling author AJ Jacobs upcoming book ‘The Puzzler’ and most recently completed a 17 foot maze mural, which features the words Unity and Love in languages from all over the globe. 


Michelle is the creator of  'Wizard World: The Magical Land of  Illustrated Mazes’ series, and is the author-illustrator of several maze and children's books. Her most recent project is a maze book titled ‘All the paths we dare to take’, which will bring its solvers on a mind bending journey through historical sites, world wonders and international landmarks in the form of a maze. The artist plans to unveil this project idea at ArtPrize 2021 in the heart of Grand Rapids, MI this fall with a 12 ft long maze.


“We all have little quirks that make us unique.  Plant those quirks instead of suppressing them.  Water them.  Let them grow into big, beautiful, weird looking gardens for the world to see.”

Paintings, Original Art, Unique, Michelle Nunley, Michelle Boggess, Beautiful art, Guinness World Record, Children's Books, Detroit, Michigan

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