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Breaking The World Record For The World's Largest Hand Drawn Maze


09/19: The maze is finally done! It's been a busy weekend gathering all of the time lapse photos and arranging them into a full video, but it's done! You can view the full time lapse video HERE. Every second accounts for about one hour worth of drawing. 

**measurements will be taken at the Roseville Recreation Center on Sunday, September 27th! Guinness requires 2 witnesses, a licensed surveyor and the measurements to be taken in a public venue while being recorded. This is the final step before I am able to submit the proper evidence. 

Big thank you to Ayman & Rami at Land Specialists Surveyors in Macomb for agreeing to help measure the maze, as well as Sara Frederick and her team at Roseville Recreation Center for allowing us a space to measure it in. And of course, a huge thank you to Sherry McInerney and Sherry Allor for giving the maze a place to be created in since mid-June, which was their front window at Posterity Gallery in Grosse Pointe Village. They have also served as my 2 witnessed throughout this entire event and will be attending the measuring process.

Great big thanks to all of the maze sponsors who have stepped up to help Living Arts Detroit through their donations.


Art is so important for community, and I am humbled to be a part of such an incredible group of friends, family and complete strangers who have stepped up to help make this project what it was, record or not.  Something that I always say, is that it takes a village. I'm proud to be a part of this village.

09/15: Last week of the maze project, I've logged over 300 hours in the last 3.5 month and have used over 200 markers. Inside of the maze path, there are over 200 names and doodles. I will update the supporters page soon! Here is the finale video:

09/01: Only about 100 square feet left until the record! Doodle requests come to an end this week. The paper roll is getting pretty heavy, and I'm having a hard time rolling it up without curling up the edges. I'm giving myself 2 more weeks to push forward with the maze to pass the record by as much as possible before wrapping up the attempt. There are currently 100 doodles, 200 names and I've burned through about 200 sharpies. That's about one sharpie an hour! The Grosse Pointe News will be out for the final day when I draw the FINISH line. Stay tuned!


08/22: Read the latest news article, written by K. Michelle Moran HERE. 

Whew! It's been a BUSY week. Took a few days away from the maze to spend time with the family on a camping trip. I've also been trying to focus a little more energy on other art projects, including some commissioned paintings and completing a new Boggess Art gallery display at the new Next Door Art Gallery. Art Revolution Taipei is also taking place now, kicking off to a great start with the sale of one of my favorite paintings 'Carlito el Cordero'! More info on that in the art section of the website. 

Maze-making is a full time job outside of the World Record Attempt! Be on the lookout for 2 new book announcements this month. Join me via Zoom for an online meeting, where you can ask your heart out with any questions you might have for a chance to win  a personalized 11x14 hand-drawn maze. Register HERE!

Coming up to the last few weeks of the record attempt, I'll continue to accept doodle requests up until. the very last few days of the maze. If I have time to get them in, I'll add 'em!


08/12: The maze continues!  The finished maze portion of the paper roll is getting a little trickier to roll up, which means the finish line is getting closer! I've also started to put thought into what I was going to do with the maze once it's finished. Today the Friends of the Grosse Pointe Library made a generous donation to Living Arts Detroit, and in return have asked me to do a Zoom meeting August 26th for the public to ask questions about that maze. Looking forward to it! More updates about that soon. 


08/01: There are a total of 45 doodles inside of the maze now and the completed maze is around 65% to the record! The guidelines say that I'm not allowed to have a lot of white spaces on the paper roll and I'm not sure if they are going to count the doodles towards the final measurement, so I'll have to exceed the record by at least a few hundred square feet just to be sure it beats the previous record of 1072 sq. feet, in the event any length is subtracted at the end. 

07/25: The maze is slowly building momentum and more and more people are supporting this project by sponsoring a square foot! I'm so humbled and inspired by all of the incredible people who have stepped up to help support the cause. I'm preparing for an interview in the morning with CBS News. 


07/15: It's been a quiet couple of days at the gallery. As the cases of Covid begin to rise again and masks become mandatory, the foot traffic has slowed. Donations have been steadily coming in and I'm so grateful for everyone who has been helping to support this great cause! 

07/10: Having fun drawing doodle requests into the maze path. Just a little more than halfway finished to breaking the record and still feeling good about getting to the finish line! Today I tried putting the first half of the maze time lapse together and realized that some of the file names got mixed up, which hopefully won't cause too much of an issue later on when trying to put the time-lapse together. Everything still appears to be there, luckily.


07/02: Week 4 came to a close and I'm just shy of halfway to the record goal. With approximately 80 hours logged, the holiday still has me just a little behind schedule. I'm hoping to make up the time during the second half of the maze. One of the biggest challenges has been Guinness's strict witness guidelines. My two witnesses must be present and attentive throughout the entire attempt, which is proving to be increasingly difficult with everyones busy schedules and putting together the new plans for the next door art studio co-op.


This week I've also started incorporating doodle requests into the maze path! Click HERE to see a list of our amazing square foot sponsors and their doodles! 

06/27: Week 3 came to a close, and I'm beginning to see some progress being made on my paper-roll! Yay! Though I realized awhile back that I'm going to have to do the first few feet of the maze over again because there's a maze path that exceeds the 1 cm path width in the maze, one of my official guidelines. I was trying to be creative and add some fun paths along the way, but after exchanging a few messages with Guinness, I'll need to replace this portion in order to be sure I'm adhering to the guidelines correctly. Luckily, I am allowed to use glue to portion/splice two sections of maze together as long as I document everything correctly!

06/12: Day 4 of my attempt to break the world record for the world's largest hand drawn maze complete! So far I'm approximately 40 sq feet deep into my 2000sq. foot paper roll. 


06/09: The attempt has finally began! You can follow along LIVE on my facebook page from 10:00 AM -2:00 PM Tuesday through Saturday (Link:

05/17: The start date will be June 2nd! New Challenge: Guinness has instructed that no more than 4 hours can be logged by the the two required independent witnesses in a given amount of time. This is going to make maze production take a little longer, since I originally intended to work 8 hour days. But I'm still confident that it can be done! Here are the new details:

The attempt will be live at the Posterity Gallery in Grosse Pointe from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Tuesday - Saturday. The gallery is closed Sunday & Monday.  

04/21: The guidelines are in from Guinness World Records! Here are the conditions and updates as they occur:

*The entire attempt will take place live over the period of about 2 months and 200 logged hours.  People and businesses will be able to show support if they wish by sponsoring a square foot of the maze in order to raise funding for Living Arts, a local organization that provides important art programs to Detroit schools and youth programs. Donators will receive a sponsorship certificate, you can even request a doodle or writing to be incorporated into the maze path!

*The entire process must be video-recorded & logged with 2 independent witnesses.

*Maze paths cannot exceed 1 cm in thickness.

*The record is for the area of the maze itself and not the paper it is drawn on.

*The current record was set by Eric Eckert from NY, who spent 160 hours, using 536 feet of two-foot-wide paper and 166 sharpies, for a total of 1072 square feet

*The paper roll I will be working on is 1000ft long and 2 feet wide, for a total size of 2000 square feet.



Beginning just as soon as the social distancing orders have been lifted, I am going to make an attempt at breaking the record for the World's Largest Hand-Drawn Maze in order to help a local art organization, Living Arts. The entire attempt will be live and open to the public. One of our amazing local art galleries, Posterity Gallery, has agreed to let me set up a little space where anyone walking by can stop and say hello!   Our local art programs and teaching artists need help now more than ever in order to continue providing art programs in our communities.  For anyone who wants to show support, they will be able to sponsor a square foot of the maze by contributing to the Living Arts Fund. 

Living Arts is a team of over 40 professional, teaching artists that provide performing, visual and media art programs. They reach an average of 3,000 Detroit area youth annually through Head Starts, K-12 public and charter schools, and community centers across the city.  The organization has been hit hard by the ripple effects of the pandemic, with the cancelation of their biggest fundraising event. Livings Arts has lost significant program income due to school closures. To ensure Living Arts can continue to serve Detroit youth throughout this crisis, and once programs resume, they have launched a crowd-funding campaign.



The Guinness World Record guidelines are extremely strict. For instance, the width of the maze path cannot be any larger than 1cm and the entirety of the paper must be filled, without any gaps of paper showing. It also must be solvable, which I still haven't quite figure out a great method for.  Once it's finished, it would easily take someone a year to solve. So, I think the best option is to solve it as I go.  The maze must be in a public place, with 2 independent witnesses with the entire process being recorded. Another challenge I see myself facing during this project is time. I am a mom, a working artist and run a small art studio. It's going to be difficult balancing and managing time to put in the work of creating the worlds biggest hand-drawn maze. I will be illustrating separate mazes for a maze book series throughout this attempt. That's a lot of maze making!


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